Humidification in Production

Maintaining the right relative humidity is of central importance in a variety of different industries. It has an effect on productivity, product quality and profitability. In some areas, even small fluctuations can decide between success and failure. That’s why companies all over the world rely on humidification systems and adiabatic cooling systems to maintain production.

Areas of Application

Humidifiers are used in printing shops, laboratories, paper factories, cleanrooms, in the textile industry and in tobacco production. Agricultural holdings also benefit from the characteristics of humid air as does the food industry.

Some humidification systems need to be filled with chemical additives, biocides or heavy metals to ensure clean humidification. Overdosing with these substances can cause serious health issues. WinCool refrains from using any such additives but nonetheless provides hygienic humidification in compliance with VDI6022.

The principle of the WinCool system is based on the fine nebulisation of water by means of specially constructed high-pressure nozzles made of corrosion-proof stainless steel. Benefit: the mist produced from fully desalinated water is absorbed especially quickly by the air.

Our special turbulators divide the air current in the duct and create parallel turbulence and shear zones. The injected mist mixes with the air in them. The spray is dispersed evenly and evaporates far more quickly.

Humidification in winter, cooling in summer. The combined operation of the adiabatic system allows huge savings. Up to a third of cooling performance can be saved when used as highly efficient exit air cooling.

WinCool systems are subject to stringent quality regulations and are certified in accordance with the European hygiene norm DIN EN 13779, the German norms VDI 6022, 3808 and DIN 1946 and the Austrian ÖNORM H6021 as well as the Swiss SWKI 104-01 and SWKI 99-3.

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The Benefits

Humid air resolves the widespread problem of static electricity in sensitive areas. Dry material surfaces become charged with static electricity, and this attracts contaminants and disrupts the packaging process. Increased relative humidity eliminates this disruptive factor.

Sufficient humidification ensures a consistently high quality of goods. Reciprocal reactions of microorganisms or chemical substances can, for example, be controlled, prevented or induced. Processes can be fine-tuned to one other when drying times for tablet films or printing ink can be reliably reproduced.

If quality is the most important factor, humidification equates to economic potential. That’s because weight loss, rejects and delays cause costs which could be minimised if the air was properly humidified. Modern humidification systems cost little to run, which means a positive balance at the end of the day.

Find out more about the possibilities which humidification with WinCool presents for your company. Our experts can provide you with detailed advice. On site on request!