Steam Humidification 5 to 120 kg

With the WinCool steam humidifiers electricity is converted into heat by means of a heating element. The heating element is immersed into water which causes the water to evaporate. This method allows steam to be produced very quickly irrespective of the water conditions. The steam itself is free of minerals, odourless and sterile.

Areas of Application

Steam humidification is suitable for reducing static electricity in hospitals, laboratories, museums, offices and in industry. WinCool steam humidifiers are available in 12 different performance classes from 5 to 120 kg and are matched to meet to your specific requirements and needs.

The heating elements are made of stainless steel. This makes the steam cylinders especially easy to clean. The cylinders do not need to be replaced, which also saves costs.

Super-dry steam distributors enable then use of shorter humidification distances than conventional steam distribution networks and ensure condensation-free steam distribution. WinCool distribution pipes can be finely adjusted to meet the conditions on site.

WinCool multi-steam pipe installation is ideal for all applications which require extremely short humidification distances. Delivered to you either fully assembled or conveniently packaged in flat packs.

Sensitive sensors monitor the temperature and recognise foam buildup. This reliably prevents any disruptions in operations. The anti-foam technology in our steam humidifiers is unique and enables a maximisation of energy efficiency, reduces maintenance and saves costs.

WinCool steam humidifiers can be optionally equipped with a steam hood for direct humidification. The unit is attached to a wall and provides optimal humidification even when your property does not have a ventilation system of its own.

The operating and control elements are easy to access and on the front of the unit. An LCD display and control and indicator lamps provide the user with information on the status of the unit.

The System

As a rule, the generated steam is conducted into the ventilation duct via a flexible pipe. A special steam distribution system ensures that the air is humidified homogeneously. WinCool steam humidifiers can also be alternatively equipped with a special steam hood and attached to a wall for direct humidification.

Special weatherproof housings protect the humidifiers when they need to be installed outside buildings. The complete humidification system can also be operated without any special demands on the water quality. WinCool steam humidifiers operate with hard, normal, deionised or demineralised water.

The system’s anti-foam technology provides yet another benefit. It provides a unique, safe and energy-efficient means to monitor boiling water and steam. If the appliance detects foam, the humidifier pumps off automatically.

Contact our team of experts for more advice. Together we can establish which humidification performance class is right for your project. We will then determine which steam humidification system is ideal for your application based on the calculated data and the conditions at the location.