Humidification in the Health Sector

The right humidity not only improves how patients in hospitals and employees in the workplace feel, it also protects the inventory and equipment. The right humidity also reduces the risk of electrostatic charging and the risk of infection caused by airborne pathogens.

High Humidity Protects

Viruses pose a serious threat in hospitals, especially for patients with weak immune systems where they can quickly run riot. Many viruses, however, lose their threat when the relative humidity is 40% or above.

The optimal interaction of high-pressure nozzles and air turbulence technology ensures that the air is humidified homogeneously. The humidification system keeps the relative humidity constant at the set level.

Because of an extremely high level of control accuracy of 1 % RH, the powerful humidification systems from WinCool can be adjusted to exactly meet the requirements of the places where they are needed.

Decades of research have enabled WinCool to produce extremely economical and environmentally-friendly humidifiers. The high quality of all components also ensures a long product life and remarkably low maintenance.

WinCool humidification systems operate totally free of biocides and still comply with rigorous hygiene regulations. This means that patients, doctors and nursing staff are not exposed to harmful substances and additional costs are not incurred for special maintenance work.

WinCool systems are certified in accordance with the European hygiene norm DIN EN 13779, the German norms VDI 6022, 3808 and DIN 1946 and the Austrian ÖNORM H6021 as well as the Swiss SWKI 104-01 and SWKI 99-3.

Why WinCool

As experts in the field of stationary humidification, we provide made-to-measure humidification solutions for the health sector. We take into account structural characteristics and hygiene regulations and plan the installation so that patients are affected as little as possible.

Our humidifiers are proven and trusted worldwide and installed directly into the duct system without any additions to the building or conversions. From there they provide the connected rooms with clean, humid air. High-quality industrial components guarantee maximum operational safety so that the systems are suited for providing safe and proper humidification for operating theatres and maternity wards.

WinCool maintains close contact to our clients long after a system has been installed. So if there is any need for maintenance, we are there for you 24/7. A specially trained expert is available for you for each situation. This helps shorten downtimes and prevent further damage.