Bespoke Solutions for all Applications

The ideal indoor climate and the optimal relative humidity play a key role in a multitude of different applications in a wide range of fields and areas. The adiabatic cooling and humidification systems from WinCool guarantee you efficient and environmentally-friendly humidification free of biocides.

WinCool humidification systems can be used for a variety of applications. Their hygienic and reliable operation qualify them for sensitive applications in cleanrooms, hospitals and industry production as well as for classical applications like greenhouses, offices and warehouses.

No matter which area you would like to use WinCool for: the extremely fine spray which is produced under high pressure by the WinCool system provides effective and economical humidification as well as an environmentally-friendly and efficient means of cooling.

As experts for professional humidification systems, we develop, manufacture and install our products ourselves. We provide bespoke solutions – from advice to after sales support – tailored to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Call us today. We will advise you on your individual project.