Air Intake Cooling System

The WinCool air intake cooling system significantly cools the intake air by means of adiabatic humidification. Cooling changes the density of the intake air, which enables far more efficient combustion. This considerably increases gas turbine performance by as much as 15 to 20 %. And is all achieved without the use of additional energy carriers.

Powerful and Efficient

WinCool can draw on a unique wealth of experience in and around the field of adiabatic cooling of gas turbines and increases in their efficiency. Our experts recognise your needs and develop solutions that are always both powerful and efficient.

The performance of gas turbines drops on hot days, because that’s when cooling systems have the most work to do. This in turn leads to a drop in the airflow rate and an increase in the energy demand. Because of the way they work, WinCool air intake cooling systems do not have this problem.

The air intake cooling system is an elegant, cost-saving product solution compared to conventional cooling systems. The costs for the initial outlay, installation and maintenance are significantly lower than, for example, heat exchangers or evaporative coolers.

Lower pollutant emissions are another indicator that the WinCool air intake cooling system runs energy efficiently. The turbine uses less resources and the CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour are reduced long-term.

The principle of air intake cooling systems is proven and tested in power plants, conveyor plants and industrial businesses. With WinCool at your side you benefit from decades of experience in the field of progressive adiabatic cooling technology.

Adiabatic cooling of the gas turbine does not only ensure that the temperature is kept constant. It also significantly increases the turbine’s entire performance profile. Which cannot be said of the relevant cost factors – which don’t go up but down.

How It Works

Adiabatic cooling of gas turbines sets standards for cost-efficient performance enhancement – almost irrespective of the climate. The air intake cooling system is proven and tested in humid tropical climates as well as in dry desert regions. That’s why business owners all over the world and manufacturers of gas turbines trust in the unique benefits of this technology.

The effect is the same with all gas turbines: more power, more efficiency. It depends solely on the amount of water which, regardless of the surrounding conditions and the flow rate, is needed to increase the performance of certain turbines. The WinCool air intake cooling system feeds billions of water aerosols into the intake duct under high pressure.

The water aerosols cool the air on contact and compress it. And because greater performance can be achieved by combusting compressed air, fuel consumption sinks dramatically and increases the nominal performance of the gas turbines by a staggering 15 to 20 %. This significant increase in performance is achieved without any constructional changes to the gas turbines themselves.