Water Treatment for Air Intake Humidification

In order to ensure that you, as a customer, are able to benefit from the proven and tested WinCool quality in every way possible, we have developed a water treatment system designed exclusively for WinCool products. This system prevents, for example, the nozzles of the humidifiers from becoming clogged up and bacteria from forming in the air and on surfaces.

The Benefits

Our ideally matched systems ensure maximum efficiency during humidification, keep disruptions down to a minimum and save time during installation.

Our water treatment systems are quick and easy to install, because they are perfectly matched to our humidification systems. There is no need for any extensions or conversions.

WinCool water treatment systems are made of the same high-quality materials and components as all our other products and undergo strict quality testing.

Our water treatment systems can either be mounted out of the way onto a wall or installed directly onto the humidifier.

It goes without saying that all our osmosis and softening systems fulfil the high demands we put on energy-efficient continuous operation.

WinCool systems are certified in accordance with the European hygiene norm DIN EN 13779, the German norms VDI 6022, 3808 and DIN 1946 and the Austrian ÖNORM H6021 as well as the Swiss SWKI 104-01 and SWKI 99-3.

The Systems

PD Twin 1: Fully-automatic, quantity-controlled pendulum hardening system for producing softened water according to the ion exchange process from iron and manganese-free potable and non-potable water.

Osmostar ED 60-850: High-performance reverse osmosis system for low-cost direct provision of high-pressure and hybrid humidifiers. Suitable for the provision of users with a defined permeate drop off in the adjustable pressure range of 4 – 7 bar.

PD WKA 02-03: Compact reverse osmosis system for the efficient production of desalinated water from iron and manganese-free potable or non-potable water.