Humidification in Museums and Galleries

Exhibits of incalculable value are on display in libraries, museums and galleries all around the world. Antique apparatuses, jewellery, paintings – all bear witness to a bygone age, while some are made of wood or paper and others are preserved on canvas. As the years go by the materials become increasingly sensitive. Their biggest common enemy: the wrong humidity.

Humidifiers as Protection

As is so often the case in life, modern technology is there to help out. The solution: stationary humidifiers that lastingly protect valuable art and cultural treasures.

Thanks to modern turbulence technology, our humidification systems are able to humidify the ambient air homogeneously. This type of humidification is extremely efficient and saves space, energy and costs.

Storage spaces for antiques, art objects and collectors’ items require precision and care in all respects. Because they have a control accuracy of 1 % RH, WinCool humidifiers can be set exactly to the required humidity levels in the air.

Decades spent on research and developing our products means that the humidifiers from WinCool are especially energy efficient. That’s good for our environment and good for your budget too. And the high-quality technology cuts operating and maintenance costs to a minimum too.

WinCool refrains from using biocides in our humidification and cooling systems. This means that our environmentally-friendly product solutions are safe for use in populated areas.

WinCool systems are certified in accordance with the European hygiene norm DIN EN 13779, the German norms VDI 6022, 3808 and DIN 1946 and the Austrian ÖNORM H6021 as well as the Swiss SWKI 104-01 and SWKI 99-3.

Why WinCool

Humidifiers from WinCool ensure that the relative humidity in museums, art galleries and libraries is constantly in the correct balance. This prevents the exhibits from giving off moisture. And the risk of them becoming brittle, tearing or shrinking also vanishes into the air.

This also has a positive influence on the electrostatics. Even, constant humidification causes surfaces to become less electrostatically charged. Less dust settles on the pieces of art. And less dust means less dusting.

Our powerful humidification systems can cope with strong fluctuations in climate, on rainy days, for example, or when there are throngs of visitors. There are, however, even more added benefits when it comes to members of the public. Humidified air has a refreshing effect. The indoor climate is perceived as being pleasant and invites people to stay and spend more time there.

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