Humidification in Warehousing

When it comes to works of art, products or different foods, the right humidity determines their value, storage life and quality. Even the smallest of fluctuations in the relative humidity can cause lasting damage to antiques, distort the taste of a maturing wine, or cause cheeses or meat to shrink because of evaporation.

Humidification – A Threat

Wrong humidity levels in warehouses lead to long-term financial losses. Losses that for the most part can be put down to damage to the goods, low sales revenue and too high energy costs.

In order to ensure that your humidification system is properly dimensioned and right for your building, we at WinCool plan everything down to the last detail – also on-site if you wish.

Modern technologies ensure powerful humidification performance paired with low electricity and water consumption.

Expert knowledge, experience and skill – reputable companies all over the world appreciate WinCool’s excellent position in the field of state-of-the-art humidification systems.

The right humidity reduces damage to goods, thereby reducing losses in sales revenue.

WinCool remains your partner long after the sale has been completed – our technical support is there for you 24/7.

Why WinCool

WinCool is a specialist for bespoke humidification systems since 1992. Development, research and production is carried out in-house. That’s why we always find the right solution for storing works of art, foodstuffs and industrial goods.

Decades of experience in the field enable us to determine your exact requirements in cool, storage and maturing rooms. When we have done so we shape a humidification system that fulfils all the physical and technical requirements for the task. We can plan a system that is designed exactly to meet your individual needs yet only takes up very little space. Examples include the installation of an outdoor pump group or the integration of turbulators at a height of 3.5 metres.

Adiabatic humidifiers are economical to run too. WinCool always relies on the latest technology: this allows us to achieve exemplary values with regard to energy efficiency and performance.