Steam Humidification 5 to 120 kg Outdoor

The self-contained WinCool steam humidifiers generate odourless, sterile steam without the costs that would normally be incurred for the regular replacement of electrode cylinders. Evaporation chamber and heating elements are simply cleaned and do not depend on specific water characteristics.

Areas of Application

For use in all fields and areas where a hygienic and low-cost means of humidification is required. Ideal for use in hospitals, production, warehouses and offices. Your benefit: our special outdoor steam humidifiers are designed to operate optimally outdoors in all climate conditions.

No regular replacement of electrode cylinder required.  Our heating elements are made of stainless. This makes them especially robust and long in life and allows them to be easily cleaned by hand.

Super-dry steam distributors enable shorter drying distances than standard steam distribution networks and ensure condensation-free steam distribution.

The WinCool multisteam pipe installation is for all applications that require an extremely short humidification distance. Delivered to you either fully assembled or conveniently packaged in flat packs.

Sensitive sensors monitor the temperature and recognise foam buildup. This reliably prevents any disruptions in operations. The anti-foam technology in our steam humidifiers is unique and enables a maximisation of energy efficiency, reduces maintenance and saves costs.

The robust steel housing is fully insulated and, for example, perfect for installation on flat roofs. WinCool steam humidifiers are equipped with optimal outdoor characteristics and have galvanised scratch and corrosion-proof interior and exterior surfaces. A built-in frost and overheat protection ensure safe operation in all climate conditions.

The operating and control elements are on the front of the unit and easy to access. An LCD display and control and indicator lamps provide the user with valuable information regarding the status of the unit. The panel of the outdoor model does not even have to be removed to read the display.

The System

As a rule, moist steam is fed directly into the ventilation duct. A special steam distribution system sprays the steam evenly into the air current to avoid fluctuations in the humidity content. This way the humidified air reaches all the connected rooms. With no need for extensions or conversions.

The steam humidifiers work extraordinarily well with various types of water quality. Hard, normal, deionised or demineralised water can all be used with no worries: this has no effect on the humidifiers’ efficiency.

The specially-designed housing for the installation on, for example, a flat roof ensures that the unit is equipped to defy the weather. It is completely insulated and made of weatherproof steel. The frost protection mechanism and the overheat protection both come as standard.

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