Customer: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Our customer needed a holistic solution for cooling a university building. The cool air was to reach all important rooms, including lecture theatres and laboratories. Furthermore, the energy costs needed to be reduced drastically. The new system was also required to work easily and efficiently during the regularly occurring heatwaves.


After a detailed appraisal and in-depth advice it was decided that we provide our customer with our combo system. This comprises an adiabatic supply air humidification system combined with an adiabatic cooling system. WinCool then performed the installation and implementation on-site at the customer’s location. Additional separators were built in to clean the air and massively improve the air quality.


The adiabatic humidification and cooling system was the ideal choice to provide the customer with the desired energy saving at a maximum level of performance. A solution built to defy the extreme climate at the location now and for years to come.