Customer: Novartis
Location: Singapore, Asia


The Swiss company Novartis needed a reliable and powerful exhaust air cooling system for several laboratory rooms at their location in Singapore.


WinCool planned the installation and implementation of the system in direct communication with the local Novartis Facility Management in Singapore. WinCool then executed both stages on site.


Thanks to the new cooling systems, the laboratory rooms can be cooled with maximum efficiency and at a minimum energy cost. The system is also equipped with special high-pressure nozzles which process partially softened water. This means that there is no need for expensive osmosis water. It also means that because no circulatory water is produced, there was no need for desludging, eliminating further costs. Furthermore, the cooling system runs completely without chemicals and biocides.

Custom built systems are nothing unusual for WinCool – we use our unique experience to put our customers’ requirements into practice.